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Purple Mattress vs Dreamcloud Mattress

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Nothing feels more relaxing after a long day at work than to snuggle into the comfort of your own bed. As you invest good amount of time to make money for a living, it is also very important to invest in a good quality mattress for you to relax for the next day ahead. You can’t just work and work and work.. Treat yourself after every long day. Because at the end of the day, what matters most is just you and your bed.

There is much to consider when hunting for the mattress suitable to your own need and comfort. And although the process of buying a mattress doesn’t have to be a nightmare, you still have to take a little bit more time to come up with a good choice because the truth of the matter is, the availability of it in the market is so unlimited, you may end up buying the wrong one–thus, wasting more money instead of saving some. So let me give you some things to consider in making a good decision when it comes to getting the right mattress for you.

When you buy a new mattress, just because it is more expensive, it does not mean it is better sleep for you. It is not always about the price.

It may attribute to large markups but does not indicate better quality. Another thing to consider is the firmness. It may be firm for one brand but soft for the other. So try it for yourself. That’s the only way.And also, some people are just impulsive buyers in nature. That’s a no-no! Remember, returning a mattress is harder than returning a dress that doesn’t fit you. And moneywise, you may not get the full amount you have paid for it. So be very careful. Considering the fact that living in the millenial world wherein almost everything seems to be purchasable online, and so is a mattress! Yes, that is absolutely right. And some online stores even give you good offers and deals and it makes you want to buy it thinking it is more convenient, but it is really best for you to test them out in a store. Speaking of which, doing this can possibly let you negotiate your price–may it be to get the tax taken off, free delivery, discounts or even coupons. And most importantly, you don’t need to buy a mattress from the brand you have heard of or one that is familiar to you. You don’t have to, but having that in mind will be of great help in choosing not the right brand alone but the one that suits you best. And speaking of brands, let me talk about the Purple Mattress and the Dreamcloud Mattress.

The Purple Mattress. Does it sound familiar to you? Because it does to me. As we know, Purple Mattress claim to have the most comfortable mattress product science has to offer. This brand talks about “comfort”. Yes, that’s right. Comfort is the magic word. And for this very same reason, you want the good one. I want it too. Who does not? But what is it made of? Purple Mattress is made from a patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This material has its walls that can either support or fold, depending on the amount of pressure it receives. Therefore, it can prevent back, hip, and shoulder pain because of its flexibility. It’s ideal for all sleepers in any position including side and back positions.

On to the Dreamcloud Mattress. This mattress does not only claim the word comfort and relief, but it does claim to be a luxury mattress as some consumers want to have. It offers consumers a luxurious and plush mattress with premium features and exceptional service. This is mattress known to be a “better mattress for a better price”. It is a luxury hybrid mattress combining the best of latex, memory foam, Cashmere, handtufting and coil technology providing best sleep for the money. Yeah, this mattress is not just about the comfort, but it does emphasizes the money being invested buying it. Sounds promising, right?

Here’s a little clip to justify each of the brands claim of comfort. And i leave it up to you to decide.

Are they both convincing to you? Choosing the right mattress is no easy task. There is no right or wrong mattress. There is only one thing…you! Yes, that’s right! Each of us has our own needs and own definition of comfort. What is good for one does not mean it applies to all.

Purple Mattress vs Dreamcloud Mattress. Part of the decision-making is also not forgetting the downside of each product. Purple Mattress has poor edge support. It is in fact smaller than standard mattresses which is a disadvantage mainly for tall people. It is also very heavy due to the materials used. And the fact that it was introduced in the year 2016, long-term durability or use of it is still unknown. As for the Dreamcloud Mattress, well besides the money you spend on it being expensive, it is also bigger size than the standard—thus, making it too tall for some bed frames or headboards. And also talking about the tufted-cashmere cover that works great for holding layers in place over the long-term with no bouncing, the cover is not removable for cleaning. Although the company offers “one-time” complimentary cleaning, are you really gonna wanna clean it just once in its lifetime?

Many consumers change their beds every 4 to 5 years. As long as you can afford it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is definitely an investment, so determining what is good and what is not is very important.

More money does not guarantee better quality. Nor does less money guarantee savings and money spent wisely because the life span besides its function is of great importance. You may get a good deal buying a better quality for less money, but if you have to purchase it year after year after year, then it is no better than buying a once every 10 year that costs more money but last longer one. Purple Mattress vs Dreamcloud Mattress is not a battle between two good mattress brands that one has to win over the other. So many factors are to be considered. And the personal demand of each consumer should always be at the top priority. Whatever you choose, you owe it to youself. After all, who works hard for you? Is it not you? So invest in you and in a mattress that suits you.