Dreamcloud vs Loom and Leaf


Have you ever thought about just how important a good night’s sleep is to your health? It turns out that sleeping well is just as crucial to your body as eating well and exercising. If you lose even an hour or two sleep a night, you perform as poorly as if you hadn’t slept at all for up to two days. That doesn’t sound like a recipe for promotion at work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking to make my sleep habits as healthy as my diet or my workouts. As well as keeping a schedule of regular sleeping hours in a cool, dark bedroom, a good mattress is vital.

Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at two mattresses. Before we do, let’s look at some of the things we need to keep in mind.

  •  Are you a back, stomach or side sleeper? Do you toss and turn or move about on the mattress all night?
  •  What is your comfort level, Soft, Extra-Firm or somewhere inbetween?
  •  If you have a problem with chronic pain, your mattress can be a help or even cause more pain.
  •  Some people ‘sleep hot.’ Some pillow-top and memory foam mattresses have helpful cooling technology.

Here are two beds that are top contenders. Now that we have our list of expert mattress-hunter criteria, let’s break down the DreamCloud vs. Loom and Leaf.

DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress with eight separate layers and measures a very deep 15 inches. On the 10-point firmness scale, this mattress rates a 6.5, rating a Luxury Firm. Sizes range from Full to California King. There are currently no Twin or TwinXL sizes. The retail prices go from $1,199 to $1,499. Shipping is free in the continental USA.


Now, it’s time to talk about what’s unique about DreamCloud. First, the warranty is unmatched. When the company promises the EverLong Warranty, they mean it. If you buy their mattress when you’re 25 and keep it until you’re 75 or 100, it’s still valid. Buyers also have an unusually long 365-night trial. The company offers a free professional cleaning of the cover if requested after one year of ownership.

DreamCloud has a six-month, no credit check, rent-to-own program. Shipping takes two to three weeks from the date of order via Freight FedEx to US addresses only.


  •  Construction features innovations you’d expect to see in a much more expensive bed. Great quality for cost ratio.
  •  The EverLong warranty guarantees the bed for your lifetime with a full no-cost replacement policy.
  •  The longest trial in the industry lets you sleep on the DreamCloud for an entire year, 365 nights


  •  The mattress comes in only one firmness, 6.5, so there’s no customization available.
  •  The DreamCloud comes in at 15 inches tall. It might be a problem if your bed is near a window casing that is not higher than that.
  •  Not all parts are sourced in the USA.

Let’s check out reviews for the DreamCloud

SleepAdvisor.org comments, “This luxury hybrid offers a value you probably won’t find in any mattress showroom …. DreamCloud is a relatively new company entering the luxury bed-in-a-box market, using top-of-the-line materials that used to be found only in specialty retail stores and high-end boutiques.”

Slumbersearch.com advises, “This mattress is excellent for side sleepers and those that need deep pressure point relief.”

The Loom and Leaf mattress by Saatva uses 5-pound memory foam construction covered with an organic cotton cover. The cover features a natural thistle flame-retardant. This is a mattress for those of you who highly value organics and natural products.

Loom and Leaf

The 12-inch high mattress features memory-foam construction. The cooling gel panel gives the sleeper more support within the center third to distribute weight well and keep your spine correctly aligned. You can choose your comfort level between Firm and Relaxed Firm.

Sizes run from Twin to California King and work on regular or adjustable bed frames. Loom and Leaf give you a 15-year warranty with a 120-night trial. Retail prices go from $749 to $1,499.


  •  Lower price than average compared to similar brands.
  •  The mattress isn’t packed in a box or bag and dropped off at your door. Loom and Leaf have a White Glove delivery and set-up services, so you don’t have to do a thing. They’ll even remove your current mattress.
  •  If you are sensitive to ecology and the environment, Loom and Leaf may be a very attractive company to you. They seem to be making every effort in that direction.


  •  Some people like the feel of memory foam and other do not. If you don’t, this isn’t the mattress for you.
  •  Because the Loom and Leaf brand is so new in the market, there is no brand track record.
  •  Too firm for some sleepers and little edge support.

Here are a few reviews of Loom and Leaf to help you get a head start on choosing the right mattress.

Angie L., an Amazon customer, states, “This mattress has absolutely no off gassing or chemical smell. It does not collapse when you sit on the side. It does not swallow you like a marshmallow. Rather, this mattress supports your body without causing pressure point discomfort. It feels luxurious. (I) highly recommend this mattress, particularly if you have back problems.”


A Sleeplikethedead.com review points out that the durability and longevity “is somewhat questionable due mainly to Loom & Leaf’s use of convoluted foam and relatively low-density base-layer foam. About 10” of owners so far report sagging and/or loss of support …. Loom & Leaf’s lifespan is estimated to be about fair — that is, about six years on average with regular use.”

I would certainly endorse the DreamCloud mattress over Loom and Leaf. The prices of the two brands are nearly identical, but the superior materials and construction of the DreamCloud make it a clear winner. In addition, the unmatched guarantee, year-long trial period, and flexible financing make the DreamCloud a real bargain.