Avacado vs Dreamcloud Mattress


Which Mattress do you Like?

When you think about sleep do you think about health benefits, fruits, sesame seeds, relaxation, comfort, vegetables and avocados? Do you ever think about the health benefits of sleeping on an avocado? That would have to be multiple avocados at a time but there are substantial benefits to this method of sleep aid.

I know what you are thinking. Isn’t this going to be messy? Who is about to clean up avocados every morning even if the benefits are phenomenal? I totally understand, and I can not wait for a person to produce something explaining to you how to sleep on avocados and efficiently clean them up. Imagine the great skin care that this would produce. Though not an actual fruit like an avocado, and the pros and cons are not as messy as it would be to sleep on a whole gang of them, I will tell what you could expect when choosing to sleep on The Avacado vs Dreamcloud Mattress.

Did you know that your sleeping style could be affected by the type of mattress that you sleep on? Like you may have a great quality mattress, but it may just not be geared towards your actual preferred sleeping style. And when you spend your nights sharing that mattress with another person, then you must consider two sleeping styles on one mattress. Then once again you are faced with the dilemma of figuring out which high quality type of mattress to invest in.


Let’s look at a few differences and similarities with the Avacado vs Dreamcloud Mattress. Of which those differences at the end of the day boils down to who you are more so than what the mattress is offering. Both these mattresses are tailored to two different types of overall individuals.

When we look at The Avocado Mattress it is innovative in its own reasonings and Aspects. While at the same time if you look at the makeup and model of the Dreamcloud Mattress it is also innovative, but of course for its own reasons. They say that we learn from our history, and people have decided to change the course of mattresses, by keeping what is useful, upgrading what needs to be upgraded, and leaving alone what does not need fixing. The same understandings go into the passions and creations of new mattresses.

Are you an organic and environmentally aware individual who also likes to sleep well?

Avocado mattress may be the choice for you here are a few reasons as to why:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Pressure Point Support
  • Handmade in California
  • No dangerous pesticides
  • No toxic flame retardants
  • No risk from unhealthy chemicals and gases
  • Made with 100% natural Dunlop Latex
  • Materials Harvested from Sustainable Tree Tapped Sources
  • New Zealand breathable wool
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Recycled Steel
  • 1% of all revenues are donated to environmental non-profits

This mattress can allow you to support your activist side by being made with materials that don’t pollute the environment. Are you a person who is concerned with other organic items such as cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, towels and food? Then this mattress can aid and be a great add on to your new lifestyle that you have been working so hard to develop. And for good reasons too.

What can You Expect when dealing with the Avocado Green Mattress Company?

Off the bat you can experience just what you would expect from a person who cares enough about their health and the health of others to create something to assist with it-Humble Service. If you are a person like me, then sometimes you can be totally into a product until you encounter a rude or insensitive customer service representative. Same thing applies when dealing with a mattress company. The Avocado Mattress company has excellent reviews for their customer service. So, you will not have to be concerned here because even if you do have a complaint it will be tended to.

If you are not ready to be forgiving and understanding when it comes to customer service as it is only produced by human beings, then don’t look forward to Avocado company dealings or any other dealings with the public for that matter of fact. This is a new company so there are still some glitches with delivery and product refining as well. But once again they more than make up for it with the customer service that they offer.

Also, you should consider if rather or not you are prone to sleeping on your sides or your back and stomach. It is said that the firmness of the mattress can better contribute a good nights sleep for a back or stomach thus leading to a healthier life. And a softer pillow like top can aid with a side sleeper. Either way Avocado Mattress would be good for firmness until you add the pillow top to it.

What’s another mattress that you could investigate other than a High Quality Organic Avocado Mattress?

The Dreamcloud Mattress is another great quality mattress for the new millennial who is seeking out innovation. This mattress offers a new form of innovation for a different audience.

What does this Dreamcloud Mattress have to offer?

  • Free shipping
  • Ever long warranty
  • Luxury comfort
  • 8 Unique layers of material
  • Hand tufted cashmere
  • Gel infused memory foam developed by Dream Cloud
  • Super soft quilted memory foam
  • Supreme natural latex hypoallergenic
  • Memory foam
  • Patent Pending coils
  • Offers alignment options

If you are looking at Avacado vs Dreamcloud Mattress while deciding to live a healthier life style and starting with your sleep as good step, then both of these brands are a good place to start. You can find that both use natural latex materials and are dedicated to supplying original materials to their customers.

The Dreamcloud Mattress also offers a firm top that is a good option for hip alignment and shoulder support but could be a bit of a challenge for a person who sleeps on their sides. Both the Avacodo and Dreamcloud offers this option of a firm top it is good for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs. Dream cloud also offers adjustable frames while Avocado offers durable organic wooden frames and eco wood frames. The frames offered at Dreamcloud contribute to a Modern Minimalist style while Avocado brand offers a Hipster Minimalist style.

If you are looking for the luxuries of a good night’s sleep, then you can investigate both mattresses. They are both worth your time. If you are advid about your activist views you can consider the Avocado Mattress. If you are looking into just the specs of innovation, then Dreamcloud is a good choice for you. Overall you can expect to encounter great materials with both mattresses and to have to decide which mattress top is best for your sleeping style.