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Dreamcloud Mattress Review

Dreamcloud Mattress Review

Review of Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud is a fifteen-inch luxury compound mattress that blends the relief of comfort of latex, memory foam, and fascinating coil technology for the best sleep worth the while. Dreamcloud features an eight layer hybrid design that is enclosed by a quilted pillow great for balance to deliver softness and firmness. In this article, you will learn an honest review about the Dreamcloud Sleep Mattress.

The hybrid mattress is one that combines the supportive base of a classical box spring mattress with high-density memory foams that offer maximum support. It is favorable as it allows you to enjoy dependable support of coils and the consistent coziness of the foam for a restful night’s sleep. Dreamcloud provides an energetic experience that leaves you anticipating spending sleeping endless nights in your new Dreamcloud mattress.

Dreamcloud Mattress Review

The mattress also features prime natural hypoallergenic latex that is sturdy and has a soft bounce for a comfortable sleep feeling that many embrace. Furthermore, Dreamcloud offers you maximum breathability and durable softness and useful bedbug-resistant options. If you have problems, sleeping this mattress may assist with this as it is scientifically optimized and known to be the ultimate sleep enhancer that that will put you right to sleep.

Dreamcloud also features a cashmere blend fabric top layer, medical grade visco elastic memory foam, hi core 9.2 grade foam, high vegetable base super core five pound support foam, patented spring coils with five zoned encased micro coils. You can also get this mattress in twin size, full, queen, king and cal king. You will love the luxury experience all at an affordable and reasonable price. Furthermore, Dreamcloud offers fast delivery, convenient payment and secure checkout.

Sleeping on the Dreamcloud is like sleeping on a million feathers it is an experience that you will find the next best thing.

Hence, there are tons of other Dreamcloud sleep mattress reviews where others appear to share the same experience. This may because the hybrid mattress has a unique blend of soft cashmere, high-density foams and encased coils to provide you the best sleeping experience ever.

This mattress was created for every type of sleeper and arrives fully equipped with complete comfort guarantee and an ever-long warranty. In addition, you can receive a full year sleep trial to make sure it is the perfect fit for you. You can also check out other dreamcloud mattress reviews to see what others are raving about.

Foams are CertiPUR-US® certified

What makes Dreamcloud stand out from all the rest, is that they provide you with unique products that many of their rivals may not offer. Having certifications is another essential advantage that makes Dreamcloud unique.


CertiPUR-US® The foam on the mattress is made without chemical components and heavy metals that are dangerous for your self and the environment. They are Low organic elements that are much needed for indoor air quality. You can embrace the safety that this mattress provides for you and your family as Dreamcloud goal is to ensure this is a number one priority.

Helps With Alignment

If you have back or neck issues DreamCloud’s high density foundation foam structure keeps your back and neck in a dependable position to guarantee movements and helps to eliminate any future risks to your body. The mattress also features soothing gel inside that generates natural body heat that heal and caters to your body.

Moreover, the five-zoned, foam has a strategic system that provides useful support for your complete body and works to reduce sleep disturbances. One other great benefit you’ll love is it has a dream plus memory foam feature that suits your position. You can decide which way to lay either on your back, front side or even on your side the foam on this mattress will keep your body and spine stabilized for the upmost phenomenal relief.

Bed Frame

The bed frame comes with a modern headboard that features a button-tuffed upholstered contemporary metal frame with real wooden slats. It has sturdy support that is dependable that does not require a box spring. This unique bed frame will always standout and highlight any bedroom.

The upscale five star design is the great layout to support your mattress and your room decor. The bed frame is the icing on the top of the cake and you can enjoy the extra soft surface to enjoy a soothing sleep experience while renovating your bedroom style and room layout.

The modern laid-back frame has sturdy wooden slats that function as the perfect base to support your mattress, while the eight-inch legs provide an ideal height to maneuver in and out of bed smoothly. Moreover, the dreamcloud bed frame with headboard was created to last and has simple settings for quick transformation. The bed comes with all pieces and systematic instructions embedded inside the package.

Convenient Adjustable Bedframe

You can actually take your comfort to the next level with Dreamcloud’s adjustable bedframe. You will embrace the convenient settings that provide full customization for sleep options. The easy assembly bedframe converts your bedroom to the number one destination of relaxation. The settings contain options for head only for reading or watching TV Feet up only for a restorative pose, Head and feet up together for supported rest. Along with this, there are three programmable memory settings.

  • 1)Wireless remote luxury three zone massage
  • 2)Convenient USB plugs
  • 3)Zero Gravity Setting
  • 4)TV Recline Options

Whether you spend your time in bed reading, working, or watching TV, you can preset up to three positions, and use the wireless remote to lift your head up and feet up separately, or together. It has never been easier to achieve your ideal sleep and rest positions. The Zero Gravity position stabilizes your body in the position astronaut’s use in space to provide alignment and support.

Simple and easy assembly with no tools needed. Dreamcloud frame is one of the quickest adjustable frames in the United States. The adjustable frame fits in with any foam, mattress or latex and is fully equipped with three leg height options from three to nine inches that fits your bedroom like a glove. You can sit back and enjoy the comfort right from your fingertips with the simple and convenient remote settings.

Enjoy Your Personal Mini Spa

You will also enjoy how you can convert your bedroom into your very own spa. Take advantage of the three speed vibration settings for head and foot massages. The frame also kicks off massaging that is great for your neck and shoulders that also provides a therapeutic experience. Studies show that when the lower portion of your body is raised it can help treat circulation and sooth pain.

Free Shipping & Ever long Warranty

Dreamcloud is conveniently shipped to your residence via FedEx and has a Limited ever-long warranty that is defective free. Nevertheless, the warranty is hassle-free whenever you have issues with your mattress, you can reach out and the warranty service will then be enabled for technicians to replace, clean or repair your mattress for you free of charge forever or as long as you own the Dreamcloud mattress.


The shipping is always on the time, orders usually arrive within two to five business days. If you are not happy with your mattress you will be able to get a full refund guaranteed you can even arrange for the Dreamcloud technicians to pick up the mattress for you.

Exchange & Return Policy

You can also take advantage of the free return policy, however there is a process for returning your Dreamcloud mattress. Simply contact a support representative with your concern for an exchange or return. The Dreamcloud representative will then request photos of your mattress to confirm ownership. You can take them from your camera or phone and submit the photos to Dreamclouds exchange department.

Once your photo of your mattress is received and confirmed. The representative will send you out a brief questionnaire for you review and arrange a suitable time for the team to come out and pick up defective mattress. Once this process is complete the exchange & return department will set up you return. The refund will be granted generally in about three to five business days.

Financing Options

Another great benefit you will love, is Dreamcloud offers hassle-free financing options that are simple and does not require a credit check. Dreamcloud features leasing financing options where you can use your bank account, credit or debit card as a form of payment. They certainly make it convenient for you to enjoy all that DreamCloud has to offer. With six months of affordable payments that are generally no more than two hundred and seventy-five dollars. The payment process is simple to access and quite useful.

If you run into a hiccup with financial hardship, the Dreamcloud finance department is reasonable and understands when it comes to hardship paying your bills. Whether you experience illness, job loss, maternity leave, disability or any other typical obstacle that jeopardizes your finances. The team will work with you as long as you have made at least half your payments you will be entitled to reduced payments that fit your current budget. Most importantly, you will not be charged fees. The only thing they require is proof of your financial hardship.

Convenient White Glove Service

You can also enjoy Dreamcloud’s white glove service they can do all the work for you. Just select the type of service you want, then arrange to have your mattress delivered. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax and white glove will do all the work for you. Simply and conveniently arrange to have the service pick up your old mattress and remove all the packaging from your Dreamcloud mattress.


Signing up for white glove service is a very simple easy to use process. When your placing your order at checkout select”existing mattress removal” this is only if you want to have your current bed picked up. Once your mattress is received, a white glove representative will notify you within one to two business days to schedule a delivery time with you.

Dreamcloud Produces Cool Air

Dreamcloud produces a cooling coziness that stands out from its competition, this mattress offers a cooling technology to guarantee a cozy cool sleep temperature. It is possible for the cotton pad to sometimes trigger body-regulated heat.

Dreamcloud Mattress Coupons

DreamCloud offers a special $200 off coupon and Free Shipping. You can also enjoy the free trial they offer which is called the 365-night sleep trial. The trial was initiated to give you the opportunity to experience the comfortability of the mattress to see if it is suitable for you.

Studies show that it can take your body about four to six weeks to fully adjust to a mattress.

This will give you enough time to get a feel of the mattress to see if it’s something that works for you. This is why the 365-night sleep trial is a great advantage for many.

The One Disadvantage

The only disadvantage that you may discover about Dreamcloud is that they do not have a variety of vibrant colors for you to select for you mattress. At this time, there is only one color mattress that is available and it is a gray and black color.

Friendly & Supportive Team

Dreamcloud’s mattress team is available to assist your concerns seven days a week from six am-nine am pacific standard time. You can reach out to the team through telephone, chat and email. They usually get back to you within in the same or next business day.

When it comes to purchasing a product sometimes, you have to do research on the base and structure of a company. Furthermore, Dreamcloud is a well-known trusted organization that has been in business over 97 years.


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